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speakerDen perfekte personThe

speakerBeaBea tager tilgoes to en restauranta restaurant medwith sin venher friend, EddyEddy.
headspeakerGoddagHello, BeaBea!
headspeakerHvordan går detHow are you, EddyEddy?
headspeakerØhEh, jeg harI have en datea date medwith en pigea girl, hostcough, hostcough, i aftentonight.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerJaYes, menbut jeg erI am meget sygvery sick.
headspeakerÅhOh, det er jeg ked afI'm sorry.
headspeakerJeg erI am megetvery trættired.
headspeakerOgAnd jeg fryserI'm cold.
Eddy feels great.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
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headspeakerDu børYou must tagego to tilthe doctor lægen!
Du børlægentage til
headspeakerNejNo, jeg har detI'm fintfine.
headspeakerJeg harI have en datea date i aftentonight.
headspeakerDu behøver ikkeYou don't have to at tage go on din dateyour date.
headspeakerJegI kenderknow denthe perfekte personperfect person tilfor digyou.
Did you catch that? Bea thinks Eddy should…
  • …forget his date's name.
  • …meet someone else instead of his date.
  • …be on time for his date.
headspeakerJayes, hunshe eris højtall
headspeakerOgAnd er hun sjovis she fun?
headspeakerJaYes, hunshe eris megetvery sjovfun.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerHun er perfektShe is perfect!
headspeakerHvad hedder hunWhat's her name?
headspeakerDoktorDoctor HermansenHermansen.
headspeakerDu skalYou have to tage tilgo to hendes klinikher clinic nunow
headspeakerFordiBecause du eryou are megetvery sygsick!
Bea thinks the perfect person for Eddy is…
  • …a guy she met online.
  • …a doctor to help him get well.
  • …a woman he likes on TV.
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