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The Honeymoon

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speakerشهرُ العَسَلِ‬The Honeymoon

speakerهناءHanaa فِيin سَيّارة أُجْرةٍ(a) taxi
headspeakerسلامٌ،hello صباحَ الخيرgood morning
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerمَرحَبا،hello عَلَيَّI need الذهابُto go إلىto المطارِthe airport
headspeakerيا ليتهاI wish كانتit was عطلةً(a) vacation
Tap what you hear
headspeakerتذْكِرتِيmy ticket إلى بَيْروتَto Beirut
إلى بَيْروتَتذْكِرتِي
headspeakerتذكرتَيْنِtwo tickets للصراحةhonestly
headspeakerأحبُّI love بيروت،Beirut هيit is مدينتيmy city المفضلةthe favorite
headspeakerأريدُI want قضاءَto spend شهرِ عَسَلِيْmy honeymoon هُناكْthere
Why is Hanaa going to Beirut?
  • She's going on her honeymoon.
  • She is going for the Tabbouleh.
  • She is getting married there.
headspeaker‫أَيْنَ‬where زَوْجُكِ؟your husband
headspeakerلَيْسَ عِنْديI do not have زَوْجa husband. عِنْدِيI have زَوْجةa wife صَعبَةdifficult جِدَّاًvery much
headspeakerلا تريدshe doesn't want أن تأتيto come معيwith me إلىto بيروتَBeirut
Oh no! Hanaa's wife…
  • …forgot to pack her sunscreen.
  • …is already in Beirut.
  • …doesn't want to go to Beirut with her.
headspeakerقلبِي مفطورMy heart is broken.
headspeakerآسَفُI'm sorry لكِfor you
headspeakerها نحنُHere we are قد وصلناwe have arrive.
speakerتجريshe runs امرأةٌa woman معwith حقيبتهاher suitecase نحوtowards الأجرةthe taxi
Choose the option meaning "runs."
headspeakerآسِفةٌI'm sorry جدّاًvery much
headspeakerأحبكِI love you
headspeakerأنا أيْضاً أُحِبُّكِI love you too
headspeakerهيا إلى بيروتlet's go to Beirut
headspeakerشهرَ عسلٍ سعيداًenjoy your honeymoon
What will happen next?
  • Hanaa will start her new job at the airport.
  • Hanaa and the taxi driver will go to Beirut together.
  • Hanaa and her wife, Salma, will go to Beirut together.
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