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speakeralasa olina date

speakerjan PejaBea li lon(is) on tenpo pi alasa olina date lonin tomo mokua restaurant.
headspeakertoki ahello! sina pilin semehow are you?
headspeakersinayou wilewant mokuto eat e semewhat?
headspeakerkasi mokusalad.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakertenpo suno ni latoday, mi musiI play e musia game pi suli mutevery important.
headspeakeraoh, musi sijelosports li pona(is) good tawa sinato you anu seme??
headspeakerponagood (yes). miI musi eplay musi sike nokasoccer
Bea is ordering a salad because…
  • …she is playing soccer today.
  • …her date said the salad is delicious.
  • …she just ate a whole pizza.
headspeakermiI musiplay kintoo!
headspeakersinayou kamacome tanfrom ma semewhich country
headspeakermiI jan pi ma Mewikaam American
Tap what you hear
headspeakermama mije mimy father li (is) from Cuba kama tanmy mother ma Kupa (is) from Mexico. mama meli mi li kama tan ma Mekiko.
li kama tan ma Mekikomama meli mili kama tan ma Kupamama mije mi
headspeakerma KupaCuba li pona mute(is) amazing tawa mifrom my perspective!
headspeakerma KupaCuba liis pona lukinpretty mutevery
headspeakersinayou jo ala jodo you have eintroduces direct object sowelipets?
headspeakermiI johave e soweli alasacats tutwo e soweli tomodog wanone
headspeakermiI kinalso li johave e soweli tomodog wanone, jan OseJose o.
Choose the option that means "also."
soweli tomo
jan Ose
headspeakeraeh niminame mimy liis TanijeDaniel
headspeakerniminame sinayour li KapijelaGabriela alanot anu seme??
headspeakermiI jan Pejaam Bea
Did you catch that? Bea and Daniel…
  • …bought tickets to Cuba.
  • …were supposed to meet different people.
  • …are walking their dogs.
speakermeliwoman li tawagoes towards jan TanijeDaniel.
headspeakertokihello! sinayou jan TanijeDaniel anu seme?? miI jan KapijelaGabriela.
headspeakerike lasorry miI ni alaam not. miI jan Oseam Jose.
Whoa! What just happened?
  • Bea changed her name to Gabriela.
  • Daniel lied to his real date because he likes Bea.
  • Bea and Daniel's dogs played soccer.
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