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speakerBon matengood morning

headspeakerBon matengood morning, PritiPriti!
headspeakerBon matengood morning, mimy amolove.
headspeakerMimy kiakeys e enat kewhere?
headspeakerTuyour kiakeys?
Priti can't find her keys.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headspeakerJayes, miI i neseneed goto go a laborawork.
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headspeakerMi i neseI need a kiathe keys deof mimy karocar!
Mi i nesemidea kiakaro
headspeakerAha, aha! PritiPriti, tuyour kiakeys e enon mesathe table! Aha, aha, aha!
headspeakerSorisorry, mimy amolove, mi eI am fatigatired. Mi i laboraI work muia lot!
Choose the option that means "tired."
, mi amo,
mi e
Mi i labora
headspeakerTu i voledo you want a kafecoffee?
headspeakerJayes, favoplease!
headspeakerSi e en dihere it is, mimy amolove.
headspeakerSugaSugar e en kewhere? Aoh, si e en dihere it is.
Hmm… what is Priti doing?
  • pouring her coffee on the table
  • putting sugar on her keys
  • looking for some sugar for her coffee
speakerSishe i bibedrinks a siher kafecoffee.
headspeakerAoh, nono!
headspeakerDathat's a salosalt!
headspeakerPritiPriti, tuyou are e muivery fatigatired!
headspeakerJayes, mi i neseI need a muimore kafecoffee konwith a sugosugar, nonot konwith a salosalt!
Priti was so tired that…
  • …she fell asleep in the kitchen.
  • …she put salt in her coffee.
  • …she put her keys in her coffee.
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