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speakerBeyaBea eis enon amo-enkontea date enin retorantea restaurant.
headspeakerSaluhello! Tu e kehow are you?
headspeakerMi e bonfine.
headspeakerTuyou i volewant manjato eat a kewhat?
headspeakerFoli-manjaa salad.
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headspeakerDi-diatoday, miI i avehave aan impotan ludiimportant game.
headspeakerAoh, tu i favodo you like a undonsports?
headspeakerJayes, miI i undonplay a pedi-balofootball.
Bea is ordering a salad because…
  • …she is playing soccer today.
  • …her date said the salad is delicious.
  • …she just ate a whole pizza.
headspeakerMi anme too!
headspeakerTu e de kewhere are you from?
headspeakerMi eI am Amerika-manAmerican.
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headspeakerMi paren-viromy father e de Kubais from Cuba anand mi paren fememy mother e de Mexikois from Mexico.
e de Kubaane de MexikoMi paren-viromi paren feme
headspeakerMi i amoI love a KubaCuba!
headspeakerKubaCuba e muivery belabeautiful.
headspeakerTu i avedo you have a domo-animalepets?
headspeakerMi i aveI have a duotwo gatocats anand unoa dogidog.
headspeakerMiI i avehave analso aa dogidog, JoseJosé.
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Mi i
headspeakerEeh? Mi name amy name is DaniyelDaniel
headspeakerTu no aaren't you GabriyelaGabriela?
headspeakerMi name amy name is BeyaBea!
Did you catch that? Bea and Daniel…
  • …bought tickets to Cuba.
  • …were supposed to meet different people.
  • …are walking their dogs.
speakerFemewoman i kaminawalks gotowards DaniyelDaniel.
headspeakerSaluhello! Tu aare you DanielDaniel? Mi aI am GabrielaGabriela.
headNono, soriI'm sorry. Mi aI am HoseJosé.
Whoa! What just happened?
  • Bea changed her name to Gabriela.
  • Daniel lied to his real date because he likes Bea.
  • Bea and Daniel's dogs played soccer.
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