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A Little Bit of Money

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speakerKauntinga little Peramoney

headspeaker'NayMa, kailanganneed ko(of) me ng pera(is) money.
headspeakerPara saanfor what, DaniloDanilo?
headspeakerPamasahe(it's) the fare po(respectful) sa sinehanto the cinema.
Danilo wants money to go to the movie theater.
  • Yes, that's true.
  • No, that's not right.
headspeakerKailanganneed mo(of) you mag-aralto study para safor pagsusulit moyour exam.
headspeakerAno ba 'yanwhat the heck!
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerAtand kailanganneed mo(by) you ringalso bumilito buy ng pagkainfood ng asoof the dog.
headspeakerNanayMother namanplease!
headspeakerSige nacome on po(respectful)!
speakerNaglabaspulled out ng peramoney ang nanay(does) the mother ni Daniloof Danilo galing safrom pitakawallet niyaher (possessive).
Click on the option meaning "wallet."
ng pera
ang nanay
ni Danilo
galing sa
headspeakerO ayanthere.
headspeaker'NayMa, kailanganneed ko(of) me pamore po(respectful) ng peramoney…...
headspeakerSapatenough naalready iyan(is) that para pansakayfor riding ng busitheo bus papunta sagoing to silid-aklatanlibrary.
What does Danilo's mom mean?
  • She wants to go to the library.
  • It's enough money to go to the movie theater.
  • It's enough money to take the bus to the library.
headspeakerPerobut 'Naymom, angthe pelikulamovie…...
headspeakerOOh sige na ngafine.
headspeakerHetohere pamore para safor the pagkainfood ng asoof the dog
headspeakerSalamatthank you, 'NayMa...
Form the sentence.
headspeakerPuwedecan ko(by) me bang(question particle) gamitinbe used ang kotseyour car niyo ?
gamitinniyoPuwede ko bangang kotse
headspeakerHindinot maaaripossible AnakSon. Kailanganneed ko(of) me ang kotse(is) the car ngayontoday.
headspeakerAhoh? Saanto where po(respectful) kayo(are) you pupuntagoing?
headspeakerSa sinehanto the cinema!
Why can't Danilo borrow his mom's car?
  • It's being repaired right now.
  • She's using it to go to the movie theater.
  • She's using it to go to the library.
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