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Tu não és a Maria
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Tuyou não és aare not MariaMaría

JuniorJunior volta acomes back casahome depois daafter escolaschool.
there is umaa mulherwoman nain the salaliving room.
Junior sees a bear in his living room.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headAhoh! Tuyou não és aare not MariaMaría!
Select the missing phrase
headNãono... SouI am PenélopePenélope. Ando com o teu paiI'm dating your dad
headSou oI am JuniorJunior.
headOláhello JuniorJunior. O teu paiyour dad estáis nain the casa de banhobathroom.
headEand a MariaMaría estáis aquihere frequentementeoften?
headSimyes! Todos os diasevery day!
headTodos os diasevery day!?
Tap what you hear
headPaidad e aand MariaMaría falamtalk todas as manhãsevery morning.
headElashe estáis aquihere dein manhãthe morning!
headQueroI want saberto know maismore about MariaMaría
Clickhaz clic onon theel optionoption meaningmeaning "toto knowsaber."
headBemwell, eu gosto daI like MariaMaría, masbut...
head...elashe falatalks demasiadotoo much. Masbut, omy meudad pai ama-aloves her muitoa lot!
headAma-a(he) loves her!?
headTeu paiyour dad não pode tercan't have duastwo namoradasgirlfriends!
PenélopePenélope saileaves. EddyEddy sai dacomes out of the casa de banhobathroom.
Why did Penélope leave?
  • She had to use the bathroom.
  • Junior kicked her out.
  • She thinks Eddy has two girlfriends.
headOndewhere está ais PenélopePenélope?
headNão estáshe is not felizhappy com awith MariaMaría!
headOHoh NÃOno!
headNÃOno! PenélopePenélope, aMaría Mariais éour o nossobird pássaro!
headVerdadetrúa! Adeusbye, PenélopePenélope.
Did you catch that? Who's María?
  • Eddy's daughter
  • Eddy's girlfriend
  • Junior and Eddy's bird
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