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speakerAnaAna eis enin karocar (taxi).
headspeakerSaluhello, bon diagood morning.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerSaluhello, miI i nese goneed ato go to the airport aero-potaplease., favo.
headspeakerA noit is not vakansavacation
Tap what you hear
headspeakerMiI i avehave a biletaticket goto MadridMadrid.
i aveMadridgoa biletaMi
headspeakerBonwell duotwo biletaticket.
headspeakerMadridMadrid ais mimy favofavorite siticity! Ait's muivery belabeautiful!
headspeakerAit's mimy luna-vakansahoneymoon
Why is Ana going to Madrid?
  • She's going on her honeymoon.
  • She is learning how to dance flamenco.
  • She is getting married there.
headspeakerAoh. Tuyour tovari-virohusband eis en kewhere??
headspeakerMiI i no avedon't have a tovari-virohusband.. MiI i avehave a mui durovery difficult tovari-femewife!
headspeakerSishe i no voledoesn't want goto go ato MadridMadrid kon miwith me.
Oh no! Ana's wife…
  • …forgot to pack her sunscreen.
  • …is already in Madrid.
  • …doesn't want to go to Madrid with her.
headspeakerMiI eam muivery melankolisad.
headspeakerAoh soriI'm sorry.
headspeakerBonwell mi-duo ewe (two) are enat aero-potaairport.
speakerFemewoman konwith bagajea suitcase iruns kuritowards the gocar (taxi) karo.
Choose the option meaning "runs."
i kuri
headspeakerMuiI'm so sorry sori!
headspeakerMiI i amo a tulove you.
headspeakerMiI i amo a tulove you antoo.
headspeakerI golet's go ato MadridMadrid!
headspeakerI jolienjoy tuyour luna-vakansahoneymoon!
What will happen next?
  • Ana will start her new job at the airport.
  • Ana and the taxi driver will go to Madrid together.
  • Ana and her wife, Salma, will go to Madrid together.
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