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speakerMui mega famia very big family

speakerSalmaSalma i gois going to enkontemeet a Ana famiAna's family.
headspeakerAnaAna! mimy favofavorite filidaughter!
headspeakerAha, aha, aha, aha Paren-fememom, tuyou i ave soloonly have a unoone filidaughter!
Ana's mom has many daughters.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerDithis ais mimy amo-feme-amigogirlfriend, SalmaSalma.
Choose the option that means "girlfriend."
headspeakerBon matengood morning!
headspeakerSalmaSalma, dithis ais mimy sibibrother, TomasTomás!
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headspeakerAnand dithis ais mimy paren-parengrandfather.
headspeakerBon matengood morning.
headspeakerDithis ais mimy parenfather, anand dithis ais mimy sibibrother, JulioJulio!
headspeakerBon matengood morning! Saluhello!
headspeakerDithis ais mimy sibibrother, MarioMario, anand mimy sibibrother, JavierJavier.
headspeakerSaluhello, MarioMario. Saluhello, JavierJavier.
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headspeakerTu i aveyou have aa mui mega famivery big family!
headspeakerperobut miI i ave soloonly have a unoone filidaughter
headspeakerSorisorry! Nunnow, mi i aveI have a duotwo filidaughters
headspeakerBon-veniwelcome goto famithe family , SalmaSalma!
headspeakerDankethank you!
Why does Ana's mother say she has two daughters now?
  • She remembered that Ana has a sister.
  • She is welcoming Salma into the family.
  • She had a baby while Salma was there.
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