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speakerNu jaketaa new coat

speakerVikramVikram eis enin botegaa store.
speakerFemea woman i pale gotalks to sihim.
headspeakerBon matengood morning!
headspeakerBon matengood morning.
headspeakerTu i laborado you work dihere?
A woman asks Vikram if he works at the store.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headspeakerBonperfect! Mi i neseI need a adehelp.
Choose the option that means "help."
Mi i nese
a ade
headspeakerMiI i neseneed aa nunew jaketacoat.
headspeakerTu i favodo you like a rujathe red one?
The woman asks Vikram if he…
  • …wants a new coat.
  • …likes working at the store.
  • …likes the red coat.
headspeakerUor tudo you i favoprefer a maronthe brown one?
headspeakerMaron jaketathe brown coat eis konficomfortable anand bajo-kotecheap.
headspeakerPerobut rujathe red one eis muivery belapretty.
headspeakerAnand it's najima-belaelegant!
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headspeakerSi-kosa eit's bonperfect gofor tuyou!
goSi-kosa etubon
headspeakerBonOK. MiI i volewant a ruja jaketathe red coat!
headspeakerDankethank you! Tuyou eare muivery bongood enat tuyour laborajob!
What does the woman mean?
  • She thinks Vikram should get a new job.
  • She thinks Vikram is good at his job.
  • She thinks the red coat is ugly.
headspeakerAnand go-i pagain order to pay?
headspeakerMiI i no savidon't know.
headspeakerMiI i no laboradon't work dihere.
What happened in the story?
  • A woman gave Vikram a job at the store.
  • A woman thought Vikram worked at the store.
  • A woman helped Vikram buy a new hat.
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