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speakerNunew etudi-manstudent

speakerZariZari anand LilyLily eare enon vagenthe bus.
headspeakerLilyLily, athere is nunew etudi-manstudent enin mi-aleour kameraroom (class)!
Zari tells Lily that there's a new teacher at their school.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerSihis namename ais MigelMiguel.
headspeakerJayes, si ehe is defrom MexikoMexico.
headspeakerSihis viro-parenfather i notewrites a bukubooks!
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerMui interesavery interesting.
headspeakerSi i palehe speaks a MiniMini,, EngliEnglish anand Portugal-lingaPortuguese.
headspeakerOoh, si ehe is inteliintelligent.
headspeakerInteliintelligent... anand tingitall. Anand si i avehe has muivery belapretty
How does Zari describe Miguel?
  • He's short and blond.
  • He's handsome and loud.
  • He's intelligent and tall.
headspeakerAha, aha, jayes?
headspeakerMmmhmm Muivery belapretty sapatoshoes.
headspeakerZariZari, MigelMiguel eis enbehind bakayou de tu.
Choose the option that means "behind."
en baka de
headspeakerSaluhello, MigelMiguel!
headspeakerSaluhello, LilyLily! Tu e kehow are you?
headspeakerBonfine, dankethank you.
Tap what you hear
headspeakerMigelMiguel, dithis ais mi amigomy friend, ZariZari.
mi amigoaMigeldiZari
headspeakerSi i favoshe likes a tuyour sapatoshoes.
headspeakerAoh, mmmhmm, saluhello MigelMiguel.
Zari didn't realize that…
  • …Miguel's shoes were so ugly.
  • …Miguel was sitting behind her.
  • …her homework was due today.
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