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speakerUnoa rogaquestion

headspeakerParenparent (dad), mi i aveI have a rogaquestion.
headspeakerSoriI'm sorry,, JunioreJunior,, mi eI am bisibusy.
headspeakerAthere is impotanimportant pedi-balo ludisoccer game enon tiviTV.
headspeakerI golet's go! I golet's go! I golet's go!
Junior's dad is cheering for the soccer team on TV.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headspeakerPerobut mi i neseI need a monemoney.
Why is Junior surprised?
  • He thinks his dad agreed to give him money.
  • His favorite soccer team is losing.
  • He found money on the floor.
headspeakerMi i neseI need a monemoney gofor pisapizza..
headspeakerI golet's go! I golet's go! I golet's go!
headspeakerAnand mi i voleI want a nu move-imaje-ludinew video game.
Junior wants a new…
  • …video game.
  • …dad.
  • …dog.
headspeakerAnand mi i no goI'm not going a sekolaschool en sige diatomorrow..
Junior doesn't want to…
  • …go to school today.
  • …go to school tomorrow.
  • …go to work tomorrow.
headspeakerJayes! Mui bonvery good!
headspeakerOwow, mui fasilevery easy!
headspeakerMi i goI'm going a basarastore.
headspeakerJayes! Jayes! Jayes!
headspeakerAdeobye, parendad!
headspeakerSoriI'm sorry, JunioreJunior.
headspeakerAit's mui bon ludivery good game!
headspeakerJunioreJunior? Tu i nese a kewhat do you need?
headspeakerJunioreJunior? Tu e en kewhere are you?
Junior's dad…
  • …took Junior to the mall to buy a new video game.
  • …never watches sports on TV.
  • …was so interested in the game that he didn't pay attention to Junior.
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