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At the Supermarket

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speakerAat lathe supramercatosupermarket

speakerLinLin esis aat lathe supramercatosupermarket conwith BeaBea.
headspeakerMeI nodon't volewant coceto cook.
Lin can't wait to cook dinner.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerCocecooking esis multevery joiosafun, LinLin!
headspeakerMeI esam multevery fatigadatired
headspeakerEsce tu voledo you want cometo eat aat una restoranterestaurant, BeaBea?
Lin is tired, so she…
  • …wants to buy some coffee.
  • …wants to eat at a restaurant.
  • …wants to go to bed.
headspeakerNono, meI volewant coceto cook!
headspeakerCualwhat nos nesesawe need per cocein order to cook?
Choose the option that means "we need."
nos nesesa
per coce
headspeakerNoswe nesesaneed talietapasta!
speakerLosthey xercalook for lathe talietapasta.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerAoh La talieta es asithe pasta is here.
headspeakerEand nos nesesa ancewe also need una tomatetomato.
Tap what you hear
speakerLosthey xercalook for lathe tomatetomato.
headspeakerAoh... Lathe tomatetomato esis asihere!
headspeakerEand nos nesesa ancewe also need vejetalesvegetables.
headspeakerAohh Eand letemilk
headspeakerEand panbread
headspeakerNoswe nesesaneed multemany cosasthings, BeaBea.
headspeakerSiyes, eand meI esam multevery fatigadatired.
headspeakerEsce tu voledo you want cometo eat aat una restoranterestaurant?
headspeakerSiyes, per favoreplease!
Why did Bea agree to eat at a restaurant?
  • The supermarket was closed.
  • She was too tired to cook.
  • The supermarket didn't have any rice.
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