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speakerMamore furaspace

speakerSergioSergio, amigo de JuniorJunior's friend, i paletalks ato sihis parendad.
headspeakerMiI i neseneed aa laborajob, parenDad.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerSergioSergio, tuyou e ba anoare eight years old.
headspeakerTuyou i no nesedon't need aa laborajob.
headspeakerMi-alewe i neseneed a mamore monemoney.
headspeakerMi-alewe i avehave a monemoney, SergioSergio.
headspeakerMi-alewe i neseneed a ma monemore money ka mi-ale i nese kopenin order to buy aa nunew domohouse.
headspeakerDithis domohouse eis sutoo minismall.
Choose the option that means "small."
headspeakerSergioSergio! Dithis domohouse e nois not minismall!
headspeakerAnand mi-alewe i neseneed aa nunew karocar.
headspeakerKe rasonwhy?
headspeakerKabecause si eit's muitoo minismall.
headspeakerMi-alewe i neseneed a mamore furaspace.
What does Sergio mean?
  • His shoes are too small.
  • The family needs a bigger space.
  • He wants to travel far away.
headspeakerMamore furaspace?
headspeakerMi-alewe i neseneed furaspace gofor bebethe baby, parenDad!
Choose the option that means "baby."
Mi-ale i nese fura
headspeakerBebe a kewhat baby?
headspeakerNu bebe de feme-parenmom's new baby.
headspeakerFeme-parenmom?! Bebea baby?!
headspeakerTu e bonare you OK, parenDad?
headspeakerMi-alewe i neseneed aa nunew domohouse anand a nunew karocar!
headspeakerAnand jayes, mi-alewe i neseneed a muimuch mamore furaspace!
What did Sergio tell his father?
  • He is going to quit school.
  • His mother is having a baby.
  • He bought a new house.
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