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speakerBileta-go-lokethe reservation

speakerBeyaBea anand LinLin i goare going to aa retoranterestaurant.
headspeakerDithis retoranterestaurant eis muivery belapretty!
headspeakerJolihappy nati-diabirthday, BeaBea!
It's Bea's birthday.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headspeakerBongood matenmorning!
headspeakerBongood matenmorning. MiI i avehave aa bileta-go-lokereservation gofor duotwo manpeople.
headspeakerMimy namename ais LinLin.
headspeakerAoh, jayes.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerDihere ais tuyour mesatable.
headspeakerAnand dithis ais menuthe menu.
headspeakerSi eit's muivery koteexpensive, LinLin.
headspeakerTu i vole a kewhat do you want?
What is Bea asking Lin?
  • what she wants to eat
  • how old she is
  • where she likes to go
headspeakerMmmhmm veji-manjaa salad?
headspeakerDuo ten pentatwenty-five dolardollars gofor veji-manjaa salad?!
Choose the option meaning "twenty-five."
Duo ten penta
headspeakerMiI i volewant aa manja-bondelicious
headspeaker kopaglass konof vasawater.
headspeakerMiI i volewant aa veji-manjasalad!
headspeakerAnand a muivery megabig niku-sandohamburger!
headspeakerAn jusi de oranjeand an orange juice!
headspeakerEnin bajo-kotea cheap retoranterestaurant!
headspeakerBeyaBea, si ait's an impotanimportant diaday
Lin thinks that…
  • …she made a reservation for the wrong day.
  • …Bea is lying about her birthday.
  • …celebrating Bea's birthday is important.
headspeakerDiathe day eis impotanimportant.
headspeakerRetorantethe restaurant eis nonot.
headspeakerBonperfect, kabecause miI eam muivery faminehungry!
What happened?
  • Bea and Lin decided to go to a cheaper restaurant.
  • Bea got upset because Lin forgot her birthday.
  • Lin ate all the food because she was hungry.
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