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speakerEddiEddy anand JunioreJunior i manjaare eating enat gadenthe park.
headspeakerParendad, mi i voleI want a dogidog.
Junior and Eddy are eating in a restaurant.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerJunioreJunior, go-i ave a dogito have a dog e nois not fasileeasy.
headspeakerDogidog i neseneeds kaminato walk oa lot mui.
headspeakerMi anme too!
headspeakerDogidog i neseneeds ludito play oa lot mui.
According to Eddy, dogs need…
  • …to wear warm clothes in the winter.
  • …to walk and play a lot.
  • …to talk and drink a lot of water.
headspeakerMi anme too!
headspeakerAnand manja go dogidog food eis mui koteexpensive.
headspeakerDogidog i kancan manjaeat a mimy manjafood!
Choose the option that means "can."
a mi
headspeakerJunioreJunior, tuyour niku-sandomeat sandwich (hamburger) e en keis where?
headspeakerAnand tu pomayour apple e en keis where?
speakerAthere is dogia dog undaunder mesatable.
headspeakerJunioreJunior? Athere is dogidog undaunder mesatable go ke rasonfor what reason (why)??
What does Eddy see under the table?
  • a cat
  • a pizza
  • a dog
headspeakerSi ait's mimy amigofriend!
Tap what you hear
headspeakerDogidog i avehas tu niku-sandoyour hamburger?
avetu niku-sandoDogi
headspeakerJayes go-i aveto have a dogidog eis muivery fasileeasy, parenparent.
Why does Junior think taking care of dogs is easy?
  • He's giving a dog his own food.
  • He already has many pet dogs at home.
  • He watches a lot of videos about dogs.
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