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The Passport

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speakerPassithe passport

speakerVikramVikram jaand hänenhis vaimonsawife, PritiPriti, ovatare lentokentälläat the airport.
headspeakerVoi eioh no! Missäwhere minunmy passinipassport onis?
headspeakerSe ei oleit's not täällähere!
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headspeakerSe ei oleit's not laukussaniin my bag
headspeakerJaand se ei oleit's not takissaniin my jacket...
headspeakerSe onit's taksissain the taxi!
Vikram thinks his passport is in the taxi.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
speakerVikramVikram juokseeruns etsimään taksiaanto look for his taxi.
headspeakerVikVik, eino!
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speakerPritiPriti juokseeruns VikraminVikram peräänafter (lit.).
headspeakerVoioh eino! Taksithe taxi ei oleis not täällähere!
headspeakerSe ei ole mahdollistait's not possible!
headspeakerSinunyour passisipassport ei oleis not taksissain the taxi.
headspeakerPassithe passport onis kädessäsiin.your
Choose the option that means "in your hand."
headspeakerKiitosthank you, rakasmy love.
Where was Vikram's passport?
  • in the taxi
  • at his house
  • in his hand
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