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speakerTu i nese a kewhat do you need?

speakerOscarÓscar eis enin ropa-botegaa clothing store.
speakerSihe i mirasees a ZariZari, si etudi-manhis student. Sishe i laboraworks enat botegathe store.
Óscar sees Zari working in a store.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headspeakerZariZari! MiI eam joli ka mi i mira a tuhappy to see you!
headspeakerBon matengood morning!
headspeakerTuyou i neseneed a adehelp?
Zari asks Óscar if he…
  • …wants her job.
  • …knows what time it is.
  • …needs help.
headspeakerJayes, dankethank you! MiI i neseneed
headspeakerAoh, miI i saviknow! Tuyou i neseneed aa nunew jaketajacket!
Choose the option that means "know."
i savi
! Tu i nese
nu jaketa!
speakerZariZari i tomatakes aa jaketajacket.
headspeakerNono, ZariZari, miI i no nesedon't need aa jaketajacket.
headspeakerAoh! Tuyou i neseneed aa nunew kamisashirt!
Zari thinks Óscar needs a new…
  • …house.
  • …hat.
  • …shirt.
headspeakerMidorithe green (one) eis bonperfect!
headspeakerNono, ZariZari, favoplease
headspeakerMiI i no nesedon't need aa kamisashirt. MiI i no nesedon't need aa jaketajacket. MiI i neseneed
headspeakerTopia hat! Tuyou i neseneed aa topihat!
headspeakerNono! MiI i no nesedon't need a ropaclothes!
headspeakerMiI i neseneed savito know
headspeakerToilete e en kewhere is the bathroom?
Why did Óscar go into the clothing store?
  • He needed to find a restroom.
  • He wanted to buy pants, a shirt, and a jacket.
  • He wanted to buy a new jacket for Zari.
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