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A Coffee, Please!

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speakerUnoa kafecoffee, favoplease!

speakerEddyEddy eis enat retoranterestaurant konwith si filihis son, JunioreJunior.
headspeakerSaluhello, EddyEddy. Tu i voleyou want a kafecoffee?
The woman asks Eddy if he wants a coffee.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerJayes, mega kopabig cup deof kafecoffee, favoplease.
headspeakerKonwith uor no konwithout molokomilk?
headspeakerKonwith molokomilk, favoplease.
headspeakerAnand konwith uor no konwithout sugasugar?
headspeakerKonwith sugasugar, favoplease.
headspeakerMiI i volewant analso a kopacup deof kafecoffee!
Junior says that he…
  • …wants coffee too.
  • …wants to go home.
  • …needs to go to the bathroom.
headspeakerJunioreJunior? Tuyou i volewant a kafecoffee?
headspeakerJayes, mi i voleI want a kopacup konwith molokomilk
headspeaker anand konwith sugasugar
headspeaker anand konwith ise-nataice cream!
What does Junior want in his coffee?
  • more coffee
  • ice cream
  • a salad and fries
headspeakerKonwith ise-nataice cream?
headspeakerJayes, anand no konwithout kafecoffee, favoplease!
headspeakerAoh tuyou i volewant a moloko-vibemilkshake?
Choose the option that means "milkshake."
i vole
headspeakerJayes, favoplease!
Tap what you hear
headspeakerMiI i volewant analso a moloko-vibemilkshake!
Mimoloko-vibeani vole
headspeakerDuotwo moloko-vibemilkshakes, favoplease!
Oh, Junior! He ordered coffee…
  • …but Eddy drank it all.
  • …because he wanted to have more energy.
  • …but he really wanted a milkshake.
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