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speakerBon feme-amigothe perfect girlfriend

speakerLinLin eis enat rela-garethe train station.
speakerSishe i mirasees a siher amigofriend MartinMartín.
Lin sees her friend and a woman at the bank.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
speakerSihe eis konwith femea woman.
headspeakerSaluhello, MartinMartín!
headspeakerSaluhello, LinLin!
Tap what you hear
headspeakerSaluhello, mimy namename ais VeronicaVerónica.
headspeakerSi e bon enkontenice to meet you, miI eam LinLin.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerMiI i neseneed kopento buy athe biletatickets, MartinMartín!
headspeakerSi e bon enkontenice to meet you, LinLin!
speakerVeronicaVerónica i go an i kopengoes to buy athe biletatickets.
headspeakerVeronicaVerónica eis bonnice!
headspeakerJayes, sishe eis muivery bonnice.
Choose the option that means "nice."
headspeakerAnand belapretty.
headspeakerAeh? Jayes.
headspeakerSishe eis bon feme-amigothe perfect girlfriend!
Lin says that Verónica is…
  • …way too into trains.
  • …the perfect girlfriend.
  • …very rude.
headspeakerFeme-amigogirlfriend? Nono, VeronicaVerónica eis mimy feme-parenmother!
headspeakerTuyour Tuyour feme-parenmother?
headspeakerA, a! Jayes.
headspeakerAeh mimy relatrain eis dihere! Adiobye!
Whoops! What was Lin's mistake?
  • She got on the wrong train.
  • She couldn't remember Martín's name.
  • She thought Martín's mother was his girlfriend.
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