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speakerMimy vakansavacation enin KanadaCanada

speakerVikramVikram i paletalks to a BeyaBea.
headspeakerSaluhello, BeyaBea! Tu e kehow are you?
headspeakerMui bonvery well! Mi eI am muivery esitaexcited gofor mimy vakansavacation enin KanadaCanada!
Bea is excited about her vacation to Japan.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headspeakerKanadaCanada eis muivery belapretty.
headspeakerTu vakansayour vacation e en ke tempois when?
headspeakerEnin santhree semanaweeks!
headspeakerAnand tu eyou are rediready?
headspeakerJayes. MiI i etudistudy a Eng-lingaEnglish en ale diaevery day!
How is Bea preparing for her trip?
  • She's learning to cook Canadian food.
  • She's studying English every day.
  • She's buying new clothes.
headspeakerMui bonvery well!
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headspeakerMi i aveI have a mapamap deof KanadaCanada.
deKanadaMi i avemapa
headspeakerMuiperfect bon!
headspeakerAnand mi i aveI have a bukubook deof tari-kasamuseum deof KanadaCanada.
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headspeakerTu e mui rediyou are very ready!
headspeakerJayes, perobut mi i neseI need a uno maone more kosathing.
headspeakerTu i neseyou need a kewhat, BeyaBea?
headspeakerMi i neseI need monemoney kabecause miI i go kopenwill buy a biletaticket goto KanadaCanada.
Bea still needs one important thing. What is it?
  • boots of Canadian leather
  • more maps of Canada
  • money to buy a ticket
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