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speakerEsamin de englithe English test

speakerJunioreJunior eis enat sihis domohouse konwith ZariZari.
headspeakerZariZari, miI i neseneed a tuyour adehelp!
headspeakerTuyou i neseneed a mimy adehelp?
headspeakerJayes, miI i avehave aa muivery impotanimportant esamin de engliEnglish test
Junior has a Spanish exam soon.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerAnand miI i volewant ludito play
headspeakerperobut miI i debehave etudito study.
Junior needs to study English, but he really wants to…
  • …take over the world.
  • …play a video game.
  • …study history.
headspeakerMi-ale i etudilet's study juntatogether! MiI i palespeak a engliEnglish mui bonvery well!
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headspeakerTuyour bukubook e en keis where?
Tue en kebuku
headspeakerEnin mimy baka-sakobackpack.
headspeakerAnand tuyour baka-sakobackpack e en keis where?
headspeakerEnat sekolaschool.
Where's Junior's backpack?
  • at his school
  • in his room
  • in Zari's living room
headspeakerJunioreJunior, mi-alewe iare gogoing etudito study no konwithout tuyour bukubook e kehow?
headspeakerTuyou i gogo ato sekolaschool, i jageyou look for a mimy bukubook
headspeakeranand miI i ludiplay e dihere enat mimy domohouse.
What does Junior want Zari to do?
  • go get his English book while he plays video games
  • play video games with him
  • buy him a new backpack
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