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La esamina de engles
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speakerLathe esamina de englesEnglish test

speakerJuniorJunior esis aat suahis casahouse conwith ZariZari.
headspeakerZariZari, meI nesesaneed tuayour aidahelp!
headspeakerTuyou nesesaneed meamy aidahelp?
headspeakerSiyes, meI avehave una esamina de englesEnglish test multe importantevery important
Junior has a Spanish exam soon.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerEand meI volewant juato play
headspeaker mabut meI debehave to studiastudy.
Junior needs to study English, but he really wants to…
  • …take over the world.
  • …play a video game.
  • …study history.
headspeakerTa ce nos studialet's study en juntatogether! MeI parlaspeak englesEnglish multe bonvery well!
Tap what you hear
headspeakerDowhere esis tuayour librobook?
headspeakerEnin meamy bolsonbackpack.
headspeakerEand dowhere esis tua bolsonyour backpack?
headspeakerEnat la scolaschool.
Where's Junior's backpack?
  • at his school
  • in his room
  • in Zari's living room
headspeakerJuniorJunior, comohow nos va studiawe are going to study sinwithout tua libroyour book?
headspeakerTuyou vadego ato la scolaschool, tuyou xercalook meafor libromybook
headspeaker Eand meI juaplay asihere aat meamy casahouse.
What does Junior want Zari to do?
  • go get his English book while he plays video games
  • play video games with him
  • buy him a new backpack
Tap the pairs