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Clothes for my Vacation

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speakerlenclothes pifor tenpo musivacation mimy

speakerjan LusiLucy li lonat tomo esun lenclothing store.
headspeakertokihello.. sina wile ala wiledo you need e sonaknowledge mimy?
headspeakerwileneed, miI wileneed e lenclothes tawafor tenpo musivacation mimy.
Lucy is shopping for clothes for a vacation.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakermiI wilewant e len sulidress.
speakerjan LiliLily li alasalooks for e len sulidress lasogreen.
Lily is getting a…
  • …green dress.
  • …red dress.
  • …green hat.
headspeakeralano! miI wilewant e len sulidress lojered.
speakerjan LiliLily li alasafinds e len sulidress lojered
headspeakermiI wilewant e len selojacket kinalso.
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speakerjan LiliLily li alasalooks for e len selojacket lojered.
jan Lilialasalilen selolojee
headspeakerala ano!! miI wilewant e len selojacket pimejabrown.
headspeakermiI wilewant e len sulidress lojered, e len selojacket pimejabrown...
Select the missing phrase
headspeakere poki lawahat a!
speakerjan LiliLily li alasalooks for e poki lawahat lasoblue.
headspeakeralano.. miI wilewant e poki lawahat pimejablack!
speakerjan LiliLily li alasalooks for e poki lawahat pimejablack.
headspeakerponathank you aI have! mieverything jofor evacation ijo alemy tawa tenpo musi mi!
Choose the option meaning "everything."
pona a
mi jo e
ijo ale
tenpo musi
headspeakertenpo ninow la, miI wileneed e tenpo musi(a) vacation.
Poor Lily! Why does she need a vacation?
  • She ate too much for lunch.
  • She's tired after helping Lucy find clothes.
  • She wants to buy new clothes to wear.
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