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A Family Dinner

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speakerHapunangdinner Pampamilyafor family

speakerSi LinLin ayis nasa bahayat the house ni Beaof Bea. Pumasokentered siya(did) she sa kusinathe kitchen.
speakerNakita niyashe saw ang napakaraminga lot of pagkainfood atand apat nafour botebottles ngof San MiguelSan Miguel beer sa lamesaon the table.
headspeakerGrabewow BeaBea, ang damingso much pagkainfood!
headspeakerOoyes, pupuntawill come ritohere ang pamilya komy family parato maghapunanhave dinner.
Bea's family is coming to her house for breakfast.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headspeakerAhoh, puwedecan akoI kumaineat ng kakauntinga little leche flanleche flan (condensed milk pudding)?
headspeakerHindi puwedeno (you) can't.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerPerobut mayroon kangyou have tatlongthree malakingbig leche flanleche flan (condensed milk pudding).
headspeakerKailangan koI need ang tatlongthe three leche flanleche flan (condensed milk pudding).
headspeakerSigeOK. Puwedecan akoI uminomdrink ng isanga basongglass of San MiguelSan Miguel beer?
headspeakerHindi puwedeno (you) can't.
What's next?
headspeakerPerobut mayroonthere are pangstill apat nafour botebottles ngof San MiguelSan Miguel beer...
  • sa basoin the glass
  • sa leche flanin the leche flan (condensed milk pudding)
  • sa lamesaon the table
headspeaker...sa lamesaon the table.
headspeakerKailangan koI need ang apat nathe four botebottles.
headspeakerEhum, puwedecan akoI kumaineat ng isangone pirasopiece ngof lechonlechon (roasted suckling pig)?
headspeakerHindi puwedeno (you) can't, LinLin.
headspeakerSigeOK sigeOK. Anongwhat orastime ang hapunan(is) the dinner kasamawith ng iyongyour pamilyafamily mamayalater?
headspeakerAhoh, sain susunod nathe next linggoweek pastill ang hapunan(is) the dinner kasamawith ng pamilya komy family.
Choose the option that means "next."
Ah, sa
pa ang
kasama ng
Tap what you hear
headspeakerPara sa akinfor me ang lahat(is) all ng pagkainfood na itothis!
ng pagkainParasa akinang lahatna ito
headspeakerHay<sigh>, nakakalokadriving (me) crazy {adj.} kasibecause ang pamilya ko(is) my family. Natatarantapanicking naalready ako(am) I.
headspeakerKailangan koI need ang lahatall nitongthese pagkainfood atand inumindrinks ngayon naright now.
Bea has a very difficult family so…
  • …she needs all the food and beer for herself.
  • …she's giving the food to Lin instead.
  • …she stopped talking to them.
Tap the pairs