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A Date

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speakerEina ástarfundurdate

speakerBeaBea eris áon einuma ástarfundidate íin einia matstovurestaurant.
headspeakerHeyhello! Hvussu gongurhow are you?
headspeakerMær gongst vælI'm good!
headspeakerHvatwhat hevur hugdo you want atto etaeat?
headspeakerBertJust eitta salatsalad.
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerEgI havihave einan týðandiimportant dystgame í dagtoday.
headspeakerÁoh, dámar tærdo you like ítróttsports?
headspeakerJayes, egI spæliplay fótbóltfootball (soccer).
Bea is ordering a salad because…
  • …she is playing soccer today.
  • …her date said the salad is delicious.
  • …she just ate a whole pizza.
headspeakerEgI eisinitoo!
headspeakerHvaðaniwhence (from where) ertare you?
headspeakerEgI eriam amerikanari(an) American.
Tap what you hear
headspeakerPápi mínmy father er úr Kubais from Cuba ogand mammamy mother mínis from Mexico er úr Meksiko.
Pápi mínmamma mínoger úr Meksikoer úr Kuba
headspeakerEgI elskilove KubaCuba!
headspeakerKubaCuba eris seravery vakurtbeautiful.
headspeakerEigur do you have kelidýrpets?
headspeakerEgI eigihave tværtwo ketturcats ogand eina hunddog.
headspeakerEgI havihave eisinialso eina hunddog, JógvanJoe.
Choose the option that means "also."
headspeakerØhuhm? Eg eitimy name is DánjalDaniel
headspeakerErt ikkiaren't you GabriellaGabriela?
headspeakerEg eitimy name is BeaBea!
Did you catch that? Bea and Danjál…
  • …bought tickets to Cuba.
  • …were supposed to meet different people.
  • …are walking their dogs.
speakerEina konawoman fergoes fram ímótitowards DánjaliDaniel.
headspeakerHallóhello! DánjalDánjal? ErtAre you DánjalDánjal? EgI eriam GabriellaGabriela.
headspeakerNeino, orsakaI'm sorry. Eg eitiI'm JógvanJoe.
Whoa! What just happened?
  • Bea changed her name to Gabriela.
  • Dánjal lied to his real date because he likes Bea.
  • Bea and Dánjal's dogs played soccer.
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