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A Very Dirty Apartment

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speakerIsanga Napakarumingvery dirty Apartmentapartment

speakerBinibisita ni BeaBea is visiting ang apartmentthe apartment ng kanyangof her kaibiganfriend nawho is si LenaLena.
headspeakerUyhey, LenaLena! Kumusta ka nahow are you?
headspeakerBadtripin a bad mood ako(am) I ngayontoday!
What comes next?
  • sinowho ka(are) you?
  • nasaanwhere tayo(are) we?
  • anongwhat nangyarihappened?
headspeaker...anongwhat nangyarihappened?
headspeakerLagialways kaming(are) we... nag-aawayquarrelling ng bagong kakuwarto ko(...me and) my new roommate.
Lena and her roommate quarrel all the time.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerHindinot ako(am) I nagugulatsurprised. Paranglike PayatasPayatas (a dumpsite) itong(is) this kusinakitchen ninyoof yours!
headspeakerOoyes, alam koI know.
headspeakerNyekwhat the! Anowhat iyan(is) that saon mesa(the) table? Inaamag namolding tinapaybread?
headspeakerOoyes, kadirigross!
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerAtand hindinot payet nalalabhanwashed itong(are) these mga damitclothes nathat nakatambakare heaped sa silyaon the chair!
headspeakerTekawait... LenaLena, hindinot ba(question marker) kamiseta moyour shirt ito(is) this?
headspeakerAkinmine ngaindeed.
headspeakerIyoyours palait turns out ang lahat(are) all ng damit na itothese clothes!
headspeakerAtand iyoyours rinalso ba(question marker) ang(is) the inaamag namolding tinapaybread?
Choose the option that means "yours."
ba ang
headspeakerOoyes, kailanmanever hindinot ako(do) I naglilinisclean, atand palagingalways galitangry sa akinat me ang kakuwarto ko(is) my roommate.
headspeakerNakaka-badtripcausing a bad mood talagareally!
Ah ha! What do Lena and her roommate quarrel about?
  • Lena makes a mess and never cleans.
  • Her roommate likes to eat moldy bread.
  • Lena wears all her roommate's clothes.
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