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Always Late

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speakerPalagingalways Nahuhulilate

speakerNanonoodwatching ng telebisyonTV sina Lin at Lucia(are) Lin and Lucy.
headspeakerAlas sais y medya(it's) six thirty naalready! Hindi baisn't it ngayontoday ang kaarawan(is) the birthday ng kaibigan moof your friend?
headspeakerAyoh, halaoh no! Magsisimulastarting naalready ang handaan(is) the party ni Beaof Bea nangin kalahatinghalf orashour!
Bea's party is starting very soon.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerHindi ako puwedengI can't mahulibe late!
What comes next?
speakerTumakboran si Lin(did) Lin papunta satowards sakayan ng jeepthe jeepney stop, perobut...
  • kumakaineating siya(is) she ng hapunandinner
  • mayhas handaana party si Bea(does) Bea
  • masyadongtoo mahabalong naalready ang pila(is) the line
speaker...masyadongtoo mahabalong naalready ang pila(is) the line.
headspeakerHalaoh no! Hindinot naanymore ako(will) I aabotmake it in time!
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headspeakerKailangan koI need nangalready mag-Grabto take a Grab!
speakerHindinot gumaganaworking ang selpon(is) the cellphone ni Linof Lin.
headspeakerAyoh, hindino! Wala nangno more bateryabattery!
speakerTumakboran si Lin(did) Lin papuntatowards sa bahaythe house ni Beaof Bea. Nakita niyashe saw si BeaBea.
headspeakerBeaBea! Nanditohere naalready ako(am) I!
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerAyoh, sandaliwait, nasaanwhere nanow ang ibang(are) the other mga kaibiganfriends moof yours? Alas siyete(it's) seven o'clock naalready!
headspeakerHahahaha! Ikawyou langonly ang sinabihan ko(are) the one I told nathat alas siyete(at) seven o'clock magsisimulawill start ang handaanthe party. Palagialways ka(are) you kasingbecause nahuhulilate!
headspeakerPerobut alas otsoeight o'clock talagaactually magsisimulawill start.
Lin rushed to be on time for Bea's party, but…
  • …the party was canceled.
  • …she was still an hour late.
  • …she was actually an hour early.
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