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Lily's Clothes

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speakerLi vestimentes de LilyLily's clothes

speakerZariZari esis che Lilyat Lily's house. Ellashe videlooks at li vestimentes de LilyLily's clothes.
Zari is looking at Lily's homework.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakerTuyou havehave multa lot of purpurpurple vestimentesclothes.
headspeakerPurpurpurple esis mimy color favoritfavorite color.
What is Lily's favorite color?
  • red
  • purple
  • brown
headspeakerBesona tuyou need quinfive purpurpurple camisesshirts?
headYesyes, eand quinfive purpurpurple vestonescoats.
Tap what you hear
headEand quarfour purpurpurple chapeleshats?
headYesyes, yo besonaI need mimy chapeleshats.
headYo haveI have alquosomething porfor teyou.
Choose the option that means "something."
Yo have
ZariZari havehas una parepair deof rubired oculvitres de solesunglasses.
headIli esthey are porfor teyou. Ili esthey are defrom mimy butíca favoritfavorite store.
Zari gives Lily a pair of red sunglasses…
  • …that she designed.
  • …that she found in the trash.
  • …from her favorite store.
headEheh Mersíthank you.
headLithe colorecolor rubiered esis perfectperfect porfor teyou.
headEand lithe butícastore havehas purpurpurple oculvitres de solesunglasses?
Lily likes the sunglasses but…
  • …she'd prefer them in purple.
  • …they're way too purple.
  • …they're too expensive.
Tap the pairs