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A Family Dinner

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speakerUna diné con li familiefamily dinner

speakerLinLin esis inat li dom de BeaBea's house. Ellashe eagoes alto the cocinakitchen.
speakerEllashe videsees multa lot of manjagefood eand quarfour botellesbottles deof vinwine suron lithe tabletable.
headspeakerWowwow! Haythere is multa lot of manjagefood cihere.
headspeakerYesyes, mimy familiefamily va veniris coming dinearto have dinner.
Bea's family is coming to her house for breakfast.
  • Yes, that's right.
  • No, that's wrong.
headspeakerAhoh, posse yo manjarI can eat alquantsome tortecake?
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerMabut tu have tri tortesyou have three cakes.
headspeakerYoI besonaneed trithree tortescakes.
headspeakerBonwell, posse yo trincarI can drink una glasseglass deof vinwine?
What's next?
headspeakerTu haveyou have quarfour botellesbottles deof vinwine.
  • lithe tabletable
  • deof tortecake
  • deof vinwine
headspeakerYoI besonaneed omniall ti-cithat vinwine.
headspeakerEsque yo posse manjarI can eat un pocsome pizzapizza?
headspeakerNono, LinLin.
headspeakerBonOK, a quel horaat what time esis lithe dinédinner conwith tui familieyour family?
headspeakerAhoh, lithe dinédinner conwith mimy familiefamily esis li próximnext semaneweek.
Choose the option that means "next."
Ah, li
con mi
li próxim
Tap what you hear
headspeakerOmniall to(of) this esis porfor meme.
headspeakerYo haveI have una familie tre desfacilvery difficult family! Yo esI am nervosinervous!
headspeakerYo besonaI need omniall ti-cithis manjagefood eand omniall vinthe wine nunow.
Bea has a very difficult family so…
  • …she needs all the food and wine for herself.
  • …she's giving the food to Lin instead.
  • …she stopped talking to them.
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