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The Monkeys

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speakersoweli pi noka lukathe monkeys

speakerjan EsiEddy enand jan JunjoJunior li lonat ma soweli musithe zoo.
speakeronathey li tawaapproach soweli suli pi nena sulithe elephant exhibit.
headspeakermamaparent o(vocative), miwe ken ala kencan (question) tawago to soweli pi luka tu tuthe monkeys?
Junior wants to see the monkeys.
  • No, that's wrong.
  • Yes, that's right.
headspeakertan semewhy? tenpo alanever la(context), sinayou wilewant lukinto see e soweli nithe monkeys.
headspeakerlonyes, tasobut, tenpo ninow la(context), ona li pona tawa miI like them. miwe ken ala kencan (question) tawago?
Select the missing phrase
headspeakerjan JunjoJunior o(vocative), soweli pi luka tu tuthe monkeys li lon wekafar tanfrom ma nihere.
headspeakermiwe kencan tawa wawarun! tawa wawa li pona tawa sinayou love to run!
What comes next?
headspeakerahmm ponaOK. ni li lonthat's right, tawa wawa li pona tawa miI love to run.
  • tawa wawa li pona tawa mi
  • wawa tawa li pona tawa mi
  • wawa tawa li poka tawa mi
speakerjan JunjoJunior enand jan EsiEddy li tawa wawarun
headspeakersinayou ken ala kencan (question} tawarun kepeken wawa sinfaster, mamadad o(vocative)?
Choose the option that means "faster."
ken ala ken
kepeken wawa sin
mama o
headspeakerjan JunjoJunior o(vocative), tawa wawa li ike tawa sinayou hate to run.
headspeakerlonyes, tawa wawa li ike tawa miI hate to run. tasobut, moku lete suwi li pona tawa miI love ice cream!
headspeakersoweli pi noka lukamonkeys la(context), tomo esun pi moku leteice cream shop li lon poka(is) next to.
Why does Junior want to go see the monkeys?
  • He wants to get ice cream.
  • Monkeys are his favorite animals.
  • He wants to run with the monkeys.
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